The eu and the challenge of economic and monetary integration

A particular specific aim of the project is to discuss, analyze, and critically evaluate diverse issues related to economic cooperation between countries and blocks within the Eurasian continent covering the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union, Eastern Partnership, Central Asia, and their neighbors.

Due to the tensioned EU-Russia political and hence economic relations, caused by the crisis around Ukraine, the interactions of the officials and experts have practically stopped since IIASA has been the only platform, where a constructive dialogue continued at a representative level and the highest scientific rigor. Ina series of eight workshops, three conferences and a youth forum were organized as a part of this project.

This project provides inputs to various high-level political forums, including OSCE and their annual Ministerial Councils. Elena Rovenskaya. Connectivity in the Digital Age. Common Economic Space from Vladivostok to Lisbon. State of the World and Global Peace Forum Events Regional conferences. Strategy Reducing footprints and enhancing resilience through systems analysis.

Science into Policy Science and policy must work together to achieve a sustainable future for humanity. Science Diplomacy Science can help build trust between nations and support foreign policies.

Science and Art Reaching outside the walls of science and policy. Calls for proposals Tender invitations and freelance opportunities. Contacts Find a person Keep in touch. Print this page Last edited: 05 December Troikanomics pp Cite as. Integrated into this discussion is an examination of a cross section of significant antecedents of the European Banking and Debt Crisis. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide. Chapter First Online: 08 December This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Ash, T. Busch, K. Berlin: International Policy Analysis. Google Scholar. Chryssogelos, A. Cliffe, L.

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The Politics of Lying: Implications for Democracy. London: Macmillan Press. De Grauwe, P. Managing a Fragile Eurozone. Dow, S. World Economic Review, 61— Draper, T.

the eu and the challenge of economic and monetary integration

Cris Bulletin, 161— European Central Bank.First of all I would like to thank the organisers for inviting me here and giving me the opportunity to share with you some thoughts with the participants of this very stimulating conference. In the late 6th century BC, Heraclitus said that there is nothing permanent except change. This wisdom seems to be very obvious for citizens of the new Member States, given their rich and fascinating history, especially in the recent decades when rapid political, economic and social changes have been taking place.

As recently as at the end of the s — many countries in Central and Eastern Europe were still behind the iron curtain, with little political and economic freedom. Today, they are members of the European Union with established democracies and functioning market economies. In some years they are expected to become members of Economic and Monetary Union.

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As we have just experienced the enlargement of the European Union and as we prepare for the future EMU enlargement, I would like to talk today about challenges for domestic economic policies ensuing from economic and financial integration in Europe.

I would like to emphasise that these challenges are relevant both for current and prospective EMU members, though some particular characteristics of the new Member States add new dimensions to these challenges.

the eu and the challenge of economic and monetary integration

In my speech today, I will first briefly describe the state of economic integration in the enlarged Europe, recalling on this occasion the main theories on the optimality of a currency area. Then I will address the role that domestic economic policies must play in Economic and Monetary Union, focussing in particular on fiscal and structural policies. The economic integration in Europe has already quite some history. After establishing a single market in the early s, the integration culminated in with the introduction of the euro in initially 11 EU Member States, which were joined by Greece inand with the conduct of a single monetary policy by the ECB.

This ended the formal process of EMU integration for these countries, but not the underlying economic processes and adjustments as they are constantly evolving. Recent years witnessed also impressive integration in financial market, in particular in money and government bond markets. In addition, the inflation differential declined. The unweighted standard deviation for 12 euro area countries dropped from close to 6 percentage points at the beginning of the s to around 1 percentage point in The dispersion of annual inflation in the euro area is similar to that of the 14 US metropolitan statistical areas, which has hovered around 1 percentage point in recent years.

Impressive economic integration has also taken place between the 10 new Member States and the previous 15 EU Member States and the euro area. Aspirations of the new Member States to join the European Union and subsequently to enter the euro area served and still serve as a catalyst for far-reaching economic changes.

The extent of already achieved economic integration of the 10 new members could be illustrated by several facts. Let me start with trade integration.

The trade links among current EU members have increased considerably in recent years. These shares are even larger if one takes into account trade with the non-participating EU Member States. Economic integration in Europe has also provided new opportunities for investment with a noticeable increase in capital flows in recent years.

Some empirical studies find an increasing synchronisation of business cycle among some new Member States and the euro area countries in recent years. Discrepancies in average HICP inflation rates between the new Member States and the euro area dropped significantly from 7.It is an expansion of the EU single market, with common product regulations and free movement of goods, capital, labour and services.

All EU Member States — with the exception of Denmark — must adopt the euro once they fulfil the convergence criteria. Within EMU there is no central economic government. Instead, responsibility is divided between Member States and various EU institutions. EMU is the result of step-by-step economic integration, and is therefore not an end in itself.

EMU is designed to support sustainable economic growth and a high level of employment through appropriate economic and monetary policymaking. Other Member States are expected to adopt it in the future.

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The single currency has a number of advantages, which include lowering the costs of financial transactions, making travel easier, and strengthening the role of Europe at international level. It helps complete the single market.

the eu and the challenge of economic and monetary integration

The EMU project was brought to an abrupt halt. Efforts to establish an area of monetary stability were renewed at the Brussels Summit in with the creation of the European Monetary System EMSbased on the concept of fixed but adjustable exchange rates. Exchange rates were based on central rates against the ECU European Currency Unitthe European unit of account, which was a weighted average of the participating currencies. The Treaty provides for EMU to be introduced in three stages some key dates of which were left open and would be set at later European summits as events progressed :.

The coordination of monetary policies was institutionalised by the establishment of the European Monetary Institute EMIwhich was tasked with strengthening cooperation between the national central banks and with carrying out the necessary preparations for the introduction of the single currency.

Transition to the third stage was subject to the achievement of a high degree of durable convergence measured against a number of criteria laid down by the Treaties. The budgetary rules were to become binding and any Member State failing to comply could face penalties.

However, no deadline has been set and some Member States have not yet fulfilled all the convergence criteria. These Member States benefit from a provisional derogation. Furthermore, the United Kingdom and Denmark had given notification of their intention not to participate in the third stage of EMU and therefore not to adopt the euro. The exemption arrangements are detailed in a protocol annexed to the EU Treaties.

Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Integration within a Wider European and Eurasian Space

The ultimate aim would have been the establishment of a political union. As no Treaty changes were made since then, the most ambitious projects could not be realised.

However, on some dossiers the Treaty foresees only a consultative role for Parliament, including, inter alia, the preventive part of the Stability and Growth Pact, as well as macroeconomic surveillance. In addition, Parliament is consulted on the following issues:. Agreements on exchange rates between the euro and non-EU currencies; Countries eligible to join the single currency; The appointment of the President, Vice-President and the four other members of the ECB Executive Board; Some part of the legislation implementing the excessive deficit procedure.

Parliament usually reacts to the report by adopting an own-initiative report. Parliament has no decision-making powers for the different stages of the European Semester, but is regularly updated by the Commission and the Council, who hold the executive powers.

Parliament may accompany the Semester by adopting own-initiative reports. By its nature Parliament is not formally involved in the establishment of intergovernmental treaties e. TSCGor in the setting-up and running of intergovernmental mechanisms e. Go back Economy Economic and monetary union, taxation and competition policies History of economic and monetary union.

History of economic and monetary union. Load fact sheet in pdf format.Studies examining the policy challenges posed by European monetary integration, including asymmetry problems and fiscal concerns. The success of European monetary integration—called by the editors of this CESifo volume "one of the most far-reaching, real world experiments in monetary policy to date"—is not assured. Policy makers have been forced to deal with challenges posed by formulating a uniform monetary policy for countries with asymmetric business cycles and economies in different stages of development as well as with the fiscal and financial implications of a unified currency.

The contributors to European Monetary Integratio n, all prominent economists and scholars, combine theoretical analysis and policy recommendation in their examination of these difficulties.

In the first three chapters they consider issues raised by asymmetry problems, including imperfect labor and goods markets, the problem of monetary policy objectives when "one size does not fit all," and the possibility of a bias toward smaller countries in the "one country, one vote" constitutional structure of the European Central Bank.

In the last three chapters, they discuss fiscal concerns, including the distribution of seignorage revenues and the interaction of European Central Bank monetary policies and asset price dynamics. CESifo has done it again, asking the right questions and gathering the right analysts to answer them.

By focusing on the practical side of making monetary union work in Europe, the assembled authors give policymakers insight into fiscal-monetary interactions, handling asset-price bubbles, and the structure of decision making at a central bank.

Martin R. West and Ludger Woessmann. Ben Zissimos. Search Search. Search Advanced Search close Close. Add to Cart Buying Options. Request Permissions Exam copy. Overview Author s Praise.

History of economic and monetary union

Summary Studies examining the policy challenges posed by European monetary integration, including asymmetry problems and fiscal concerns. March Share Share Share email. Author of Can Germany Be Saved? Endorsements CESifo has done it again, asking the right questions and gathering the right analysts to answer them.

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the eu and the challenge of economic and monetary integration

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